Thursday, February 1, 2007

Where's the Love

I have a firm belief in “knowing my enemy” so the other night I nestled in to my hole in the wall basement DC apartment to watch our courageous President “Bloody” George inform America on the “State of the Union.” As the comforting glow of the television hummed to life I sat through a couple of commercials in interest discovering what my neighbors are buying. I am always hypnotized by TV since I have almost completely cut myself off from the soul sucking broadcasted programming.

Staring affixed, the chamber comes into view as politicians find their seats gossiping and shaking hands. The commentators talk about what is likely to be said by the president and they seem interested in who is sitting where. Already there is talk about the 2008 presidential race. It seems clear that most of the people in the room are invested in their campaigns already. Morals and convictions are set to be compromised for the overall success in elections. Again the war will be used by both parties as a political chip and the lives of my fellow soldiers and innocent Iraqis will pay the price.

In walks the President. It takes some time for him to make it to his position. He begins by brown nosing the new Speaker of the House and has a lot of great things to say about the first woman to hold that title. I wonder if it is all lip service, after so many lies from our leader it is hard to believe anything he says. Then he dives into how the Dems and the Repubs have to work together to face difficult challenges and threatened that it is a defining hour and it is a matter of urgency that there is bi-partisan cooperation. This is new. Were did the “I am going to do what ever I want” Dubya go?

“The economy is on the move” Next we have talks about how the country is doing AWESOME economically and how everyone in America has a job, ten cars and a swimming pool. Not only are we all sitting pretty but it is going to get better. I had to look out my window for a quick glance of the homeless man curled into a ball across the street freezing in the winter night. Maybe Bush doesn’t consider him a part of this “economy on the move”? The homeless man is probably a war veteran, that might mean he isn’t even an American in the President’s eyes. Speaking of veterans, I am interested in hearing what George Bush says about us?

On and on he goes talking about these great new initiatives. It is almost as if he was just elected and he has been waiting to reveal these great projects that will fix all of our domestic problems. I was reminded of Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite “Vote for me and your wildest dreams will come true.” Maybe we will eliminate the National Debt in five years, and cut back on 20% of our gasoline usage, and give families tax breaks if they can’t afford health insurance. What about us veterans?

Ahhhh here we go, the war in the middle-east. More of the same, we have to win, fight terror, defeat evil, take the fight to the enemy, (a free history lesson) free people are not drawn into violent ideologies blah blah blah. Oh here is some news, “the American people didn’t vote for failure.” What do you call the 2000 and 2004 elections? Still nothing, just "Stay the Course More."

A basketball player, a local hero, wait wait,,,,,a soldier that was injured in Iraq. Close, but still nothing. Some more ramblings and encouragement, some boogie man stories about Iran and catastrophe in Iraq and theeeeeeeeen done.

Nope not once did the President utter the word “Veteran”. He spoke of increasing the military, sending more troops to Iraq and possibly taking harder measures against Iran, but forgot to mention that he cut veteran benefits. Why bring it up when it might call attention to the more than 22,000 wounded in action that this war has produced and the fact that the attacks on our military in Iraq and Afghanistan are increasing everyday? Why call attention to the fact that the escalation of troops in Iraq are the same troops that have just left and the troops still there that will have to be extended?

Why burden the public with the reality that it is “W” as the leader of this nation that is a failure and that in 2006 if we could have had a presidential election George W Bush would have been chased out of the White House with the worst land slide loss in history.

As our nation’s President it is obvious by the State of the Union address that he doesn’t stand by our nation’s veterans, which means he doesn’t stand by our troops. It has become clear as day that there are two sides.

You are either with the President or with the troops

the heretic